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Our Story

S ince 2013, we are in the manufacturing business for fire-rated doors. As a manufacturer, we knew that our doors are built to give occupants enough time to escape from the building which caught flame. Fire doors are an important part of a building’s passive fire protection system, and doors in a means of egress provide life safety by allowing people to exit quickly when necessary. We proud to say that it's just not the door business, but we’re in the life-saving business.



Knowledge and experience
From the moment we opened our plant in Bengaluru, India and launched our first product range, we’ve been accumulating knowledge and experience about fire doors and fire windows. Our development team is actively engaged in ongoing research to keep our product range relevant, cost-effective and versatile. Our production team understand the life or death importance of precision manufacturing. And our sales reps are walking, talking encyclopaedias of passive fire protection.


A total willingness to help
In the market we’re known for our willingness to solve problems. We hate to say “no”, “you can’t” or “sorry”. It’s our philosophy instead to ask questions and source extra information, so that we can fix you up with the right solution – even if that means referring you to another company. We recently introduced the ability to obtain a quote online, because it’s quick and easy for some customers, but we’ll never step away from our policy of great personal service over the phone and through sales visits.


We’re all part of the solution
Permeating our company at every level is a continuous improvement philosophy that keeps us on our toes. Every individual working for Buildoors Fire Doors is encouraged to share their ideas for process and customer service improvement. Ours is a flat, democratic structure that encourages everyone to see themselves as a part of the solution.


Some global with the local
Buildoors Fire Doors is a 100% Indian owned company that takes pride in using responsibly-sourced Indian materials, however we use global development connections in UAE, UK, Europe to ensure our products will always be worldclass. Complementing our technical expertise is a respect for architectural ambitions – we know that fine aesthetics and fire protection must be able to coexist without compromise.


A partner you can trust
If you think “a fire door is a fire door”, we challenge you to take a look behind any of our doors to discover the gold that lies behind - an immense resource of expertise and helpfulness. We’re in this for the long-haul, so we make a great ongoing partner who’ll remember your name, understand your requirements and go the extra mile to keep you happy