Stainless Steel Door


Major Features

  • Door Frames:
    Material : Stainless Steel
    Sheet Thickness : .2mm / 1.5mm/ 2mm
  • Technical Data for standard frames(D x H)
    SIze of double rebate frame 150 x
    SIze of single rebate frame 100 x 58 mm
  • Frame Assembly:
    Welded Mitered Butted.
  • Standard heights (Wall Openings)
    2100mm / 2200mm /2400mm/2700mm/3000mm
  • Door Leaf:
    Material Stainless Steel
    Sheet Thickness 1mm /1.2mm/1.5mm
    Infill Honeycombo kraft Rockwool

Technical Data for Door Leaf

Technical rise doors(insulation) Single Leaf Double Leaf
Door Thickness 46mm 46mm
Max.door opening width 1200mm 1200mm
Max.door opening height 2400mm 2400mm